The Dark Knight Rises to start shooting next May

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

According to Michael Caine, also known as Alfred the butler to Bruce Wayne, scripts for the upcoming Christopher Nolan film THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will be delivered to the actors in January with shooting to begin in May. Michael Caine says,

“Christopher is the most secretive guy in the world, he won’t tell you anything. Emma [Thomas], the producer, said we’d get the script in January. Christopher said: ‘Script in January, shoot in May, finish in November.'”

With scripts being delivered in January and filming a little over six months away, surely it won’t be any time at all before we get final word on casting as well as a confirmation on who the next villain will be. Until then you’ll just have to get your Christopher Nolan fix by catching his last film INCEPTION which comes out on Blu-ray in just a few short weeks.


Source: Empire

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