The Duplass Brothers might pair Susan Sarandon and Jonah Hill for Pitchfork

Posted by: Zack Bruce

The Duplass Brothers, Mark and Jay are slowly but surely climbing their way up from indie to mainstream. Responsible for films like THE PUFFY CHAIR and CYRUS, the Brothers are vying for a big budget. Their new project, being tentatively titled, PITCHFORK has been circling Hollywood for the past couple days.

The LA Times describes the plot for PITCHFORK as this, “a dramatic thriller about the middle-aged mother of an indie rocker who, after her son is killed in a car accident, seeks vengeance on an online blogger who had peddled snark about her son (on the music site Pitchfork, hence one of the title’s entendres). Things take a turn, though, when she finds out the snarker is just a teenager.” It’s being said that the directors are looking at Susan Sarandon for the role of the Mother and Jonah Hill as the blogger. Hill as already worked with the Duplass Brothers as the title character in CYRUS.

Next up for the Duplass Brothers is JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME starring Jason Segal and Ed Helms. Segal will play, “a grown man who is sent by his mother on a routine errand to find that the universe may be sending him strange signals.”

mark and jay duplass

Source: LA Times

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