The Hunger Games beats expectations at the weekend box office

The Hunger Games

There was never a question as to whether or not THE HUNGER GAMES was going to be successful, the question was just how successful it was going to be.  Perhaps it was the severe over-hyping from the media or maybe we as movie fans just expect too much from movies these days, but it seems THE HUNGER GAMES has actually managed to fulfill all expectations.  From all accounts, THE HUNGER GAMES is a crowd pleasing film, staying true enough to Suzanne Collins’ novel to satisfy the die-hard fans and providing enough story to satisfy newcomers to the series as well.  But if you’re an executive or shareholder at Lionsgate, the best news of all is that the film has actually managed to beat expectations at the weekend box office.  Final numbers are still coming in, but as of right now, the film looks set to haul in over $155 million.

So how many records has THE HUNGER GAMES broken so far? It has the highest grossing non-sequel opening ever, the highest March opening and the 3rd highest opening day.  But THE HUNGER GAMES only took in $19.75 million in its midnight showings, which was not even half of what HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 took in last summer.  And THE HUNGER GAMES is a good $20 million away from having the highest three day total.  But all in all, THE HUNGER GAMES is a phenomenon and without the luxury of 7 films under its belt or a recognizable superhero, it’s hard not to be impressed.

And it’s of course being overshadowed by THE HUNGER GAMES, but last week’s number one film, 21 JUMP STREET, managed to keep a decent part of its audience and took in about $20 million.  Considering the competition, that’s actually a pretty nice take.  Next week sees the release of WRATH OF THE TITANS and I can’t imagine it doing very much at all.  I don’t know too many fans of the original and even fewer people that wanted a sequel.  I think its easy to say that next week will belong to THE HUNGER GAMES as well. (Deadline)

1. The Hunger Games $155m

2. 21 Jump Street $21.3m

3. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax $13.1m

4. John Carter $5m

5. Act of Valor $2m

6. Project X $1.9m

7. A Thousand Words $1.9m

8. October Baby $1.7m

9. Safe House $1.4m

10. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island $1.3m

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