The Hunger Games edges by The Three Stooges at the weekend box office

Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games

Make that four weekends in a row for THE HUNGER GAMES, which once again managed to hold back seriously week competition for another win at the weekend box office.  This time the biggest challenger to THE HUNGER GAMES throne was THE THREE STOOGES, which took in an impressive $17 million, about $4 million shy of THE HUNGER GAMES.  Honestly, that’s borderline shocking to me that a film as awful looking as THE THREE STOOGES could pull in that much dough, but I guess America is starved for comedy these days.  Although personally, I would have gone to see 21 JUMP STREET again than the Stooges.

The other new movie of the weekend was the Joss Whedon scripted THE CABIN IN THE WOODS with Chris Hemsworth (who’s competing with bro Liam’s THE HUNGER GAMES).  The movie did pretty well, taking in about $15 million, which isn’t bad at all for a low budget horror movie this time of year.  The last of the big three movies opening was LOCK OUT, which looked fun, but couldn’t compete with the bigger films.  What might be the most interesting news of the weekend actually comes from overseas, where BATTLESHIP is already playing.  The film has managed about $54 million so far, which is probably a relief to everyone at Universal.

Next week might also belong to THE HUNGER GAMES as we get another batch of movies that don’t really fit anywhere else on the calendar.  We have THE LUCKY ONE, starring Zac Efron, which might suffer the most with losing its audience to THE HUNGER GAMES.  We also have THINK LIKE A MAN, which probably won’t threaten THE HUNGER GAMES.

1. The Hunger Games $21.7m

2. The Three Stooges $17.1m

3. The Cabin in The Woods $15.1m

4. Titanic 3D $11.4m

5. American Reunion $10.6m

6. Mirror Mirror $7.2mm

7. Wrath of the Titans $7m

8. 21 Jump Street $6.8m

9. Lockout $6.4m

10. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax $3m


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