The Hunger Games makes it three weekend box office wins in a row

The Hunger Games, starring Jennifer Lawrence

THE HUNGER GAMES is steamrolling past $300 million at the box office.  In only its third week, the insanely popular film has grossed more than $302 million and although it’s of course slowing down, it managed $33.5 million in its third weekend, so $400 million is right around the corner.  How excited do you think the executives at Lionsgate are to get that sequel going?  Speaking of sequels, AMERICAN REUNION managed a second place showing, hauling in about $21.5 million, which is actually pretty impressive considering this franchise started in 1999 and has pretty much been dead for several years now.  My only fear with this film being successful is that some executive will get the idea to do another sequel.  Let’s let the franchise die with some dignity.

We also saw the 3D re-release of the 1997 blockbuster TITANIC, which pulled in about $17 million, meaning we should fully expect to see movies from the past 20 years be recycled in 3D.  Since the Disney films, Star Wars and now TITANIC have all done pretty decent, there’s no stopping the trend.  In fact, they should already be selling tickets to the inevitable 3D re-release of THE HUNGER GAMES in 2022.

Next week sees the release of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, which means it will be a battle of the Hemsworths as Chris Hemsworth’s small horror film will attempt to dethrone brother Liam’s THE HUNGER GAMES.  But we also have THE THREE STOOGES, which might be the worst looking film of 2012, if not the decade.  Chances are good that THE HUNGER GAMES will make it four weekends in a row.

1. The Hunger Games $63.5m

2. Wrath of the Titans $34.6m

3. Mirror Mirror $19.3m

4. 21 Jump Street $14.8m

5. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax $8.3m

6. John Carter $2m

7. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen $1.7m

8. Act of Valor $1m

9. A Thousand Words $1.19m

10. Project X $950k


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