The Hunger Games: the top ten scenes we're most looking forward to

That intense feeling you get when you walk out the door the weekend is not the effects of March Madness or the first days of Spring in your city.  Oh no.  What you’re feeling is the collective anticipation of millions who are wondering, hoping and praying that the movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling book is remotely close to what they’ve hyped in their imagination.  Ladies and gentlemen…THE HUNGER GAMES are about to begin!  Check out our Top 10 most anticipated moments for The HUNGER GAMES below.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD – Do not read this if you haven’t read THE HUNGER GAMES books.

10. The Reaping: As we’ve seen in the trailer, it’s evident that Jennifer Lawrence was able to capture the compassionate, raw emotion of Katniss as her sister Prim is chosen as the District 12 tribute for the Hunger Games.  Her ability to control her hysteria as she realizes what is unfolding around her is palpable.

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in The Hunger Games

9.  The Capitol: The Capitol is known for elaborate food, fun and fashion.  Most of the citizens appear to be cartoon-like and have little regard for the less fortunate.  I think the costume, make-up, hair style and set design will be out of this world.

8. The Arena: The Arena is where slaying, mutilation and murder takes place.  I understand that Collins’ novels were written for young adults, but her words were descriptive enough to conjure up disturbing visions of the horrible things seen and heard in this mysterious place.  The directors had to walk a fine line between PG-13 and R-rated scenes.  Here’s hoping they don’t dumb down THE HUNGER GAMES so much that the epic pieces of the story are not lost.

The Hunger Games, starring Jennifer Lawrence

7. Caesar Flickerman : Stanley Tucci rarely turns in a drab performance, even in the least celebrated movies he’s in.  (Burlesque anyone?)  I’m looking forward to his interaction with Peeta and his portrayal of Caesar’s intricate dance of both “concerned interviewer” and “entertainer extraordinaire.”  He seems like a great fit for THE HUNGER GAMES.

6. Careers: No one likes a bully.  And no one REALLY likes a bully who kills innocent people left and right.  I think the transition of these awful kids into the mutant muts should be pretty exciting.  My fingers are crossed that it’s not as cheesy as the wolves in Twilight.

5. Cinna: Casting Lenny Kravitz in THE HUNGER GAMES was a brilliant move by producers.  His sweet relationship with Katniss was one of my favorite parts of the book.  I can’t wait for their “fiery” debut at the Capitol.

Lenny Kravitz and Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games

4. Haymitch: Call me crazy, but I think Woody Harrelson is going to make a great drunk.

3. Gale: My assumption is that Gale will not be a strong feature in the first movie.  I trust that those in the audience will be able to identify with his strong connection to Katniss.  It’s going to be hard because that bond is so often found in silent moments of complete trust.

2. Rue: The death scene.  Enough said.

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth in The Hunger Games

1. The Cave: I’m extremely excited to see this romance bloom as Katniss finds sanctuary in the cave with her co-tribute.  Jennifer and Josh Hutcherson’s chemistry off-stage seems to be solid, so I can’t imagine their on-screen chemistry would be any different.  TEAM PEETA FOREVER!  Oh, and here’s hoping the odds are in favor of THE HUNGER GAMES being everything we want it to be.

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