The live action Voltron film is finally moving forward

Posted by: Zack Bruce

More news from the Comic-Con front! Actually, I can tell you that the majority of the news over the next few days will be straight from the convention.

What do the Comic-Con Gods have for us now? The promise of a live-action VOLTRON film. There’s been talk and concept art thrown around for a couple of years now. With the success of TRANSFORMERS, it makes it easier for something like Voltron to make its way through to the box office. I did not watch a lot of Voltron since my hero when I was little was Optimus Prime. However, there was a Voltron figure in my toy box. I think my brother stole it.

The story will follow a script written by Thomas Dean Donnelly (CONAN THE BARBARIAN) and Joshua Oppenheimer (SAHARA). What an odd combination. Voltron and Transformers were quite similar. The make-up of the Voltron was different though. He basically evolved into a warrior with a sword with the help of several metal jungle cats. The jungle cats were manned by 5 different kids. So a combination of POWER RANGERS and TRANSFORMERS so to speak. The ultimate idea was to protect mankind and have epic space battles.

Don’t worry. They also plan to stay as close to the original series as possible.


Source: IFC

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