The Losers disappoints as Dragon takes the box office

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I have to say I’m a little taken aback at this week’s box office numbers.  I think there are three surprises.  First, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON grabbing the top spot after losing it a couple of times is surprising only because you don’t usually see a film lose the top spot and then recapture it.  Second, Jennifer Lopez’s new comedy THE BACK-UP PLAN coming in second place is surprising because I honestly thought no one liked her anymore.  $12 million isn’t very much, but still, she beat out THE LOSERS.  And that brings us to the third surprise, which is THE LOSERS not even being able to finish in the top three.  I guess Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn’t ready to carry his own film just yet.

There’s not much going on next week with the only big release being the remake of THE NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.  It looks okay, but it’s not something we needed and the timing of the release seems really odd to me.  As I mentioned last week, I think everyone is just waiting for IRON MAN 2 to kick things off for the summer.  At this point, it can’t come soon enough.

The Losers

1. How to Train Your Dragon $15 million

2. The Back-up Plan $12.3 million

3. Date Night $10.6 million

4. The Losers $9.6 million

5. Kick-Ass $9.5 million

6. Clash of the Titans $9 million

7. Death at a Funeral $8.1 million

8. Oceans $8 million

9. The Last Song $4 million

10. Alice in Wonderland $2.2  million

Source: Box Office Mojo

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