The Marine 4: Moving Target Blu-ray Review

“I’m trusting my life with people who can’t even protect themselves from lousy fashion choices.” Olivia Tanis (Melissa Roxburgh) in THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET

If you could read that line with as little acting as possible, and as much faux-sarcasm, you would pretty much have the feel of the entirety of THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET. And this is just one of the gems that might make a movie like THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET a cult classic… if it wasn’t so much like a million other terrible action movies. To its credit (sarcasm) THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET does spend the first five minutes getting the audience pumped up with Pro-America and Marine propaganda… wait a second… actually that’s one of the most flagrant of the film’s many offenses. But first, the story:

The Marine 4: Moving Target

THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET is essentially a lot (far too much) loosely written exposition interspersed with a few underwhelming action sequences. The entire movie could be summed up as the following: 1) introduction of major characters, 2) exposition, 3) exposition, 4) introduction of additional minor characters, 5) unlikely duo, 6) silly action sequences with additional exposition. There is little here to distinguish this movie from a dozen other lone hero stories, including the previous entries in the franchise. And yet, THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET isn’t happy with simply being awful, it strives to be offensive as well.

The Miz is barely capable in his role, and Melissa Roxburgh is absolutely terrible as Olivia Tanis, a whistleblower who wants to stop a corrupt military contractor. But sadly the single biggest problem facing the movie isn’t the lack of talent on screen, or the budgetary issues that forced this 3rd straight direct-to-video entry; it is the terrible action in a movie supposedly centered around action. The action scenes feel like they were choreographed in waist-high water – everything feels slow and stunted, as if we’re watching something that was recorded at half speed and never fully caught up with itself.

The Marine 4: Moving Target

But what is most disturbing is the way the movie tries (and fails) to deliver on the promise it gives is the opening moments… we’re going to root for a marine, an American hero. It is missing a step in the most disgusting of ways. From the opening moments flashing marine slogans trying to get the audience pumped up to the ineffectual performances to the lack of any real poignant or even stirring moments, this film drags the bottom of the barrel and never catches up. Not at all worth your time, you should definitely skip THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET.


Video: (1080p Widescreen 1.78:1) The video presentation of THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET is presented well but the high definition really shows the lack of a budget.

Audio: (English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1) The audio for THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET is never more than adequate.

Firepower (10:12) This special feature focuses on the real world military attachments to THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET and how they tried to keep everyone authentic.

The Franchise (05:48) THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET focuses on the film series to date.

Beauty is Dangerous (04:14) This special feature focused on THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET’s cast and how they beautiful they are… seriously. That’s it. And that’s about all there is to say about this movie.

THE MARINE 4: MOVING TARGET also features an UltraViolet Digital HD Digital Copy of the film and sneak peeks of recent Blu-ray releases.


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