The Matrix Trilogy 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

After THE MATRIX hit theaters in 1999, it was inevitable that a sequel would follow at some point.  Instead of one sequel, the Wachowski’s decided to film two movies back to back and release both of them four years after the original.  The results were…disappointing.  At least at the time, fans were taken aback by the direction the Wachowski’s took and the films were received with less than critical acclaim.  However, I think time has been kind to the films and now that we can revisit them without any of the expectations and baggage we had in 2003, I’ve finally come to accept the sequels and appreciate them for what they are.  They may not be what we dreamed of, but they offer enough cool action and present some interesting ideas to make them enjoyable.

As for the 4K release of the films, kudos has to be given to Warner Bros. for delivering three remarkable discs.  It’s easy to be frustrated by their continued tradition of releasing the first film a few months before the sequels, but at least they continue to recognize the greatness of THE MATRIX films and give them the attention they deserve.


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Video: THE MATRIX has always been a must-own movie in every format it has been on, but the 4K UHD has outdone itself. I love that Warner Bros. respects their properties so much and they know that THE MATRIX has its legions of fans that will show up in droves to purchase the film again if it’s a worthwhile upgrade. And this one is definitely worth the upgrade. WB involved the original director of photography in the transfer process and the result is a presentation that holds true to the original vision while taking advantage of the available technology. The original Blu-ray wasn’t without its flaws and the 4K manages to fix everything. Gone is the overuse of the green tint, which I honestly thought was supposed to be there since I couldn’t remember seeing the film without it. But now things look more “normal” in the sense that colors are more defined and details are clearer. Seeing it this clear and with this many colors has almost changed my take on the film, giving me a new respect to the Wachowski’s use of color and shading to tell their story.

Audio: The Dolby Atmos track is put to good use, utilizing the surround channels impressively.  This is a movie that needs a robust audio track and thankfully, it gets a nice one.

The Matrix Trilogy 4K Ultra HD


Video: I’m going to lump these two together because the video presentations are almost identical.  The punchline is that they both look fantastic.  According to Warner Bros., the 4K transfer and the included HDR was overseen by the original cinematographer, Bill Pope.  Even if I hadn’t read that, I would have suspected someone involved with the film was in charge of the transfer because this is such a beautiful looking transfer.  Colors are rich and deep, details persist throughout and every scene looks spectacular.  Supposedly, this is a more accurate color presentation than the theatrical release and I believe it.  The films look better than I remember in the theaters (granted, that was 15 years ago), but comparing the 4K to the Blu-ray isn’t even fair.  If you’re a fan of the films, upgrading to 4K is a no-brainer.

Audio: Just like the original film, each sequel gets a stunning Dolby Atmos track, making the sequels a perfect option to show off your new sound system.

This title was reviewed using a Samsung UBD-K8500 with a Sony XBR75X850C TV.

There are no special features exclusive to the 4K, but it does include a Blu-ray of the film, which includes ll of the special features found on the original Blu-ray release.

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