The new poster for Lucasfilm's Red Tails is an old school comic

Posted by: Zack Bruce

I was a little skeptical about RED TAILS at first. The trailer in my opinion was mediocre and someone decided to bring Cuba Gooding Jr. back into the world of box-office potential. I don’t know why I really am doubting it so much. George Lucas is the executive producer and he came up with the story.

The first poster was sort of terrible. But this new one completely makes up for it. Someone in the creative department thought it would be a good idea to do a poster in the style of an old comic. Whether I see the movie or not, the poster would be really great to have in a frame on the wall in my house. This is what more films should be doing when it comes to poster creation. All we get these days is something freshly photoshopped and slapped together. Just like that NEW YEAR’S EVE poster I put up earlier.

Somehow this poster redeems this movie in every possible way.

Red Tails poster

Source: Coming Soon

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