The new Windows Phone challenges you to Meet Your Match

Windows Phone 8X by HT

As someone that has to be connected to a website, multiple email accounts and several social media outlets at all times, I know the value of a reliable, fast smartphone.  The choice used to be easy when there were only one or two phones to choose from, but in today’s ever changing and upgrading smartphone market, it’s easy to be confused by all the choices.  The new Windows Phone puts all of the features you need on regular basis right at your fingertips.  You can call, text, check email, check Facebook and even take a picture in an instant.  For those of you that have little kids, the new Windows Phone can be customized for them, with their own start screen with apps and features that you choose for them.  And with a built-in SkyDrive, you don’t have to worry about losing your pictures if you lose your phone.

See what the Windows Phone has for you and meet your match.



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