The Office's John Krasinski and Juno's Olivia Thirlby may team up for Nobody Walks

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Director Ry Russo-Young may have landed three actors to star in his independent drama NOBODY WALKS. Currently in talks are John Krasinkski (television’s ‘The Office’), Rosemarie DeWitt (television’s ‘Mad Men’ and CINDERELLA MAN) and Olivia Thirlby (JUNO). If they join the actors will portray a family living in Los Angeles that take in a charismatic artist who starts to disrupt their lives. If all goes as planned filming should begin at the end of next month.

What a great cast this director may have snagged. Krasinski is the best part of ‘The Office’, Rosemarie DeWitt is quite a talented actress even though I can’t stand her character on ‘Mad Men’ and Olivia Thirlby is really excellent as well. I just re-watched JUNO the other day and had forgotten about Thirlby completely. Upon multiple viewings, and once you get past the greatness of Ellen Page’s performance, she really had a great supporting cast and Thirlby was a big addition to that.

Olivia Thirlby

Source: Variety

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