The Perfect Guy Blu-ray Review

Generally I don’t have to defend myself over my feelings or opinions towards a movie, but I feel that it’s due for THE PERFECT GUY. A little under a year ago, I had to review THE BOY NEXT DOOR and tried to nicely avoid calling it a four-alarm dumpster fire. THE PERFECT GUY is the same type of story, a steamy thriller about love that evolves into fatal stalking. These kinds of movies are made at least once or twice a year and they never change. Maybe I was in the right mood, maybe it was a full moon, or maybe there’s something actually decent about THE PERFECT GUY.

A woman becomes attracted to a man who’s too good to be true. That’s when she discovers the dark side, but it slowly grows more evil and eventually becomes deadly. The man she once admired is now a relentless sociopath who’s too cunning for the police to ensnare and for anyone else to stop. And no, I’m not going over plot points from the BOY NEXT DOOR. Like I said, these are very similar movies.

 The Perfect Guy

Leah (Lathan) is the woman, Carter (Ealy) is the inevitable psycho, and the police are still about as useful as the Keystone Cops. Leah’s circumstances are unique and believable though. She begins dating Carter months after the end of a very serious relationship that begins the movie. We quickly learn that Leah’s a prominent lobbyist who’s ready to put work aside and start a family with Dave (Chestnut). When hesitancy on his end arises, followed by him now wanting to, the audience understands why it’s a deal breaker for Leah.

So when Carter comes along, who has a successful job and willingness to fulfill Leah’s dreams, it’s even more understandable when Leah is swept off her feet. But she’s smart enough to realize something’s amiss when she watches Carter pummel an innocent bystander half to death talking to her. Actually, anyone would have a red flag go up. She calmly breaks things off with him, but his attempts to woo her back feel backhanded and creepy. She continues to be polite, which only seem to aggravate him, making his advances become increasingly violent.

The Perfect Guy

The logic of THE PERFECT GUY is sound, but not perfect. It’s rationale behind Leah, Carter, and even Dave, who makes a return later in the movie, are all within the realm of possibilities. Carter doesn’t necessarily do anything that would have quickly landed him behind bars or anything that would be improbable for the 21st century creeper. Leah, at least from my memory, might just be the strong-willed woman that’s needed for this genre.

These are movies that generally have the woman start off weak, at a low point in their life, and ready to jump for any guy that sweeps them off their feet. Leah isn’t like that. She met the love of her life, but that love didn’t want to give her what she needed. She meets Carter and thinks that she can get what she needs from him, but she doesn’t. Most of the time the men are driven by this notion that the woman can’t do better and that they’ll inherently need them. Carter never implies this and if anything, is enraged by the fact that Leah is an independent woman who doesn’t need him. Dare I say that THE PERFECT GUY has a small message about feminism?

The Perfect Guy

The problems with THE PERFECT GUY are the same ones with most of these movies. They’re still silly. After the first death, someone, somewhere at the precinct should have picked up on the fact that the creepy Carter has been stalking a woman next door. I’m not going to go into all the problems, but these movies are hot garbage. It’s meant for couples bored on date night or those midnight flicks you scroll past while on the couch while trying to fall to sleep. THE PERFECT GUY is a cut above the rest, but that’s like being the smartest skin flick on Cinemax.


Video: (1080p Widescreen 2:39:1) The presentation is crisp, but very rarely highlighted since a lot of the movie is in the dark of night.

Audio: (English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1) A great balance of music, ambience, and dialogue. Everything is mixed well and comes through clearly.

Lust and Obsession: Making THE PERFECT GUY (10:18): This is a run-of-the-mill feature glossing quickly over performances, characters, story arcs, and the look and feel of the film. It highlights the high level of profession that everyone treated this movie with.


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