The poster for Todd Solondz's Dark Horse is hairy with a neck chain

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Todd Solondz is known for his rather odd and slightly depressing films. It’s basically a look into your town, if your town was animated by Daniel Clowes.

His film, WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE will always stick out in my mind as the freakishly good movie that started it all and continues to make me feel awkward after watching. You know what else makes me feel awkward? This new poster for Solondz’s upcoming film, DARK HORSE. A hairy chest with a silver chain adorning the film’s title is all the poster is. Totally appropriate by Solondz standards.

The film’s plot focuses on, “a man in his 30s who’s an avid toy collector, lives with his parents (Mia Farrow and Christopher Walken) and works for his dad. When he meets a woman (Selma Blair) he’s inspired to make more of his life—but, this being a Todd Solondz movie, it results in tragedy.” Blair previously worked with Solondz on 2001’s STORYTELLING.

Dark Horse poster

Source: IndieWire

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