The remake of Wargames will be written by Noah Oppenheim

Posted by: Zack Bruce

I knew the remake of WARGAMES would be set on the fast track. It was first announced in June that HORRIBLE BOSSES director Seth Gordon would helm the project. Only two months later, a writer is now attached to recreate the 1983 original.

Noah Oppenheim will hopefully put his own spin on the material. The original story involved two teen computer prodigies who think they are playing a computer game but nearly bring on World War III without even knowing it. Oppenheim may not be a familiar name as he has yet to put any of his work out. The screenwriter was at one point rumored as being a part of Darren Aronofsky’s Jackie O. biopic and was recently attached to the adaptation of THE MAZE RUNNER which will be helmed by Catherine Hardwicke.

MGM is the studio behind this remake and several others in the works: ROBOCOP and CARRIE. As for the WARGAMES remake, all that is known about the project is that state of the art technology will be used in the film.


Source: THR

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