The sequel for Adam Sandler's Grown Ups gets a writer

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Was GROWN UPS that big of a deal that it deserves a sequel? While I will generally watch most films with Adam Sandler, with the exception of JACK AND JILL, I have to wonder why this is getting sequel.

As it turns out, there has never been a sequel for any Sandler film. Why? Because they didn’t need them. So what happens after GROWN UPS? More mid-life crises. The movie wasn’t so terrible but that doesn’t mean that it needs a sequel. I sound like a broken record here.

Sony Pictures and Happy Madison Productions are currently in talks with Fred Wolf, the original writer. I guess Sony would be all over this since it made $271 million at the box-office worldwide. Movies like this are an overall crowd pleaser so actually it should be no surprise that this project is developing.

Source: Variety

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