The Social Network shines while Let Me In disappoints at the box office

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

It had the hype, a great director and a great cast, but I was still surprised at just how good THE SOCIAL NETWORK was.  Apparently, it was able to convince others as well as it managed to break $20 million on its opening weekend, which was good enough for first place at the box office.  Let the Oscar hype commence.  The other big film opening this weekend was the English remake of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, this time called LET ME IN.  Although I’m interested to see Chlo Moretz in the role, I think most people agree with me when I say that this film was completely unnecessary.  That proved to be true since the film barely finished in 7th place this weekend.

Next week we have the feel-good Disney horse racing pic, SECRETARIAT and another attempt from Katherine Heigl at romance in LIFE AS WE KNOW IT.  I get goosebumps watching the trailer for SECRETARIAT, but I still feel its too soon after SEABISCUIT to jump back on the horse racing theme.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network

1. The Social Network $23m

2. Legend of the Guardians $10.5m

3. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps $10.2m

4. The Town $9.8m

5. Easy A $7m

6. You Again $5.6m

7. Let Me In $5.2m

8. Case 39 $5.1m

9. Devil $3.9m

10. Alpha and Omega $3m

Source: Deadline

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