Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth and the stars that had the biggest year in 2012

Every year, there are a few people who go beyond a single performance in Hollywood and breakout within their respective profession.  These aren’t necessarily no name people.  In fact, for the most part they are established commodities who have a year that takes them to another level professionally or recognizably. For instance, 2011 gave us Ryan Gosling (DRIVE, CRAZY STUPID LOVE, THE IDES OF MARCH) and Emma Stone (THE HELP, CRAZY STUPID LOVE, FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS), who had already been in staring roles and recognizable films.  But in 2011, made their presence known above everyone else.  The order is debatable, but these are the Top Ten People with the Biggest Year in Hollywood for 2012:

Quvenshane Wallis in Beasts of the Southern Wild

10. Child Actors – (Quvenshane Wallis – BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, Tom Holland – THE IMPOSSIBLE, Daniel Huttlestone and Isabelle Allen – LES MISÉRABLES, CJ Adams – THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN, The entire casts from MOONRISE KINGDOM and THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER…) This past year saw some of our nations most horrendous tragedies that are sad and unfathomable for any decent human being.  Everyone has potential at greatness in many forms starting at the youngest of ages.  The ten spot is reserved to all the child actors who amazed audiences with unthinkable performances for newcomers and in some cases at a very young age.

9. Rebel Wilson – (PITCH PERFECT, ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT, WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING, SMALL APARTMENTS, BACHELORETTE) I wouldn’t go so far to say that audiences know her name yet. But clearly studios are taking notice since her scene-stealing stint on BRIDESMAIDS the previous year.  A lot of these movies were not terribly successful but Wilson is consistently funny.

8. Seth MacFarlane – (TED, Oscar Host) The creator of the long time running Family Guy, is finally being noticed in Hollywood.  He had one of the top grossing R-rated comedies voicing a talking stuffed teddy bear this past summer, did an amazing job hosting SNL (as did a few others on this list), and is now slated to host the Oscars.  His biggest feat of all is actually making me kind of like him.

Ben Affleck in Argo

7. Ben Affleck – (ARGO) He may be the only one on the list with one accomplishment but that one accomplishment was pretty huge.  Affleck directed and starred in a commercially successful suspense drama that is simultaneously a critically acclaimed juggernaut.  With his third film, Ben has washed away the stink as an average actor in GIGLI and solidified himself as a top director who will surely hear his name when the Academy announces nominations and possibly hear it a second time when they hand out the awards.

ANNE HATHAWAY in Les Miserables

6. Anne Hathaway – (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, LES MISERABLES) My dad’s in love with this girl and for good reason.  She puts up a formidable performance as the clever cat burglar Selina Kyle then steals the show in the otherwise average musical LES MISERABLES.  I have never felt so confident about a win in the Academy Awards as I guarantee in a few months she will be referred to as Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway.

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