The top ten supernatural to human romances

The term “supernatural” can mean many things, but for the purposes of this top ten list, let’s narrow it down to vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches, spirits, mermaids and zombies.  I’ve refrained from using any movie with aliens and human romances because I don’t consider aliens “supernatural” as much as I would “science fiction”.  I know, it’s semantics, but that’s how I see it.  I also avoided using time travel scenarios because that’s another blurry line between science fiction and supernatural.  Also, another requirement for the list is that one party has to be supernatural and the other has to be human (at least in the beginning).

10. TWILIGHT – For you Twi-hards out there; you’re welcome.  For others; I apologize.  But the series is insanely popular and it’s hard to ignore the copycats that the series has inspired.  Sure, I hate Bella, Edward and Jacob as much as the next guy, but the franchise’s success has to be respected.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight Saga: Eclipse

9. MY BOYFRIEND’S BACK – Remember this one?  Featuring an unknown cast that remains unknown, this film hit theaters in 1993 and is about a high school boy that’s killed trying to win over the most popular girl in school.  It’s not until he comes back as a zombie that he’s able to succeed.  I liked it when I was a kid and I found it held up surprisingly well over the years.

8. CHANCES ARE – A lot of people don’t realize this, but Robert Downey Jr. had a lot of good movies in the 80’s.  One of them was CHANCES ARE, which featured RDJ as a reincarnated spirit that falls in love with his daughter.  Err…that does sound weird out of context, but the movie handles it surprisingly well.

7. ONDINE – A lot of people missed this Collin Farrell movie in 2009, but it’s one that stuck with me.  I could have put the much more lighthearted SPLASH on here, but I liked the seriousness of ONDINE better and I also liked how her mermaid status was always in question.

Supernatural Romances- Ondine

6. MEET JOE BLACK – I find this film gets a lot of hate from critics, but I’ve always liked it.  I loved the dialogue in the diner during the beginning, but I found the entire film still resonates with me.  And plus, you get to see Brad Pitt get hit by a car in hilarious fashion.  What’s not to like?

5. MANNEQUIN – What exactly was Emmy (Kim Cattrall, before Sex and the City) in the film?  I lean towards “witch”, which is why the film makes the list.  I watched this over and over as a kid and even though it doesn’t hold up quite as well today, it’s still a great take on the supernatural to human romantic angle.

4. TEEN WOLF – Like MANNEQUIN, this is one of my favorite 80’s movies and remember that this was way before the werewolf/vampire craze we’re in now.  Michael J. Fox really could do no wrong back in the 80’s and TEEN WOLF was another example of an outlandish idea made enjoyable by a great Fox performance.

Let the Right One In

3. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN – This one is a little creepy because I’m not sure how the romance angle works out, especially as the boy grows up, but the movie is fantastic, so it makes the list.  It’s helped by a fresh take on vampires, but the genuineness of the connection between the boy and the little vampire girl carries the film.

2. ALWAYS – When people claim to have seen every Steven Spielberg movie, I usually get them with this, 1941 or SUGARLAND EXPRESS.  It’s a shame because ALWAYS is a very sweet, romantic love story about a ghost (Richard Dreyfuss) coming to terms with his supernatural status.  And the love he has for Holly Hunter’s character is heartbreaking.


1. GHOST – I hate to be predictable with my top choice, but I can’t help it.  I’ve seen this movie a dozen times and it gets to me every time.  It’s hard to argue with Patrick Swayze in a romantic lead and GHOST is one of the better romantic dramas, let alone romantic supernatural to human romances.

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