The top ten voice performances in movie history

I used to think that voicing a movie character was easy for actors. You just show up, read some lines and cash your check. But lately we’ve gotten some fantastic voice performances that have completely shaped films and I’ve realized that a truly good voice performance is almost as difficult as any normal acting gig. So I’ve compiled a list of the best voice work in movie history.  And to be clear on the criteria, I’m referring to voicing an actual character, not narrating a scene.

Iron Giant

10. Vin Diesel – IRON GIANT – I’m giving Vin a little love here for his work as Groot in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and I think he maybe speaks five words throughout the two films, but they’re surprisingly powerful, especially when he mutters “Superman” at the end of IRON GIANT. I get chills thinking about it. I don’t know if it was the movie or his performance, but I think it proves that sometimes less is more.

9. Kathleen Turner – WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT – If you’re attracted to animated women, then you have some issues you need to work out. Unless of course you’re attracted to Jessica Rabbit, then all is forgiven. Turner’s steamy turn as Jessica probably made parents uncomfortable, but Turner gives a great performance and adds a depth to the film that would have been lacking.

Flight of the Navigator

8. Paul Reubens – FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR – I recently revisited FLIGHT OF THE NAGIVATOR and I was blown away by how good a film it is. Reubens’ Max doesn’t show up until a good 45 minutes into the movie, but once he’s there, the audience is immediately drawn to him. Reubens is credited under the name Paul Mall and this was barely a year after BIG TOP PEE WEE, but his voice is unmistakable and adds an element of humor and charm to an otherwise lifeless robot.

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