The Wachowski's will come back to the world of sci-fi with Jupiter Ascending

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Right now the Wachowski’s are busy filming the adaptation of CLOUD ATLAS. Before they started filming, there was a bit of trouble trying to decide what would come next. The duo hadn’t worked on anything really since 2008s SPEED RACER and they were long overdue to deliver new material. At first we thought that COBALT NEURAL 9 would be the next up but for some reason that didn’t really come to fruition. So the two settled on CLOUD ATLAS and moved ahead.

Now they’ve agreed on a new project to work on next. This one is an original piece of science fiction called JUPITER ASCENDING. The title actually sounds familiar to me like I’ve seen it mentioned with their name before. The script and details on the project are being kept under tight wraps. Could this perhaps be any part of COBALT NEURAL 9 or did they start fresh? Presently the studio is discussing actors/actresses that could take the lead and hope to start production next spring.

Overall their last piece of original sci-fi, THE MATRIX did pretty well over the course of the franchise. I look forward to seeing what they have in-store for us this time around.

Andy and Lana Wachowski

Source: Deadline

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