There is no Ash in the new version of The Evil Dead according to Bruce Campbell

Posted by: Zack Bruce

I’m still not in favor of the new re-telling of EVIL DEAD no matter how cool Bruce Campbell says it is. I hate to be the guy who judges something before it comes out, but Ash is EVIL DEAD and vice-versa.

Campbell will have a cameo but Ash will not be returning. The actor took to his Twitter to answer some fan questions and when the inevitable question of the appearance of Ash came up, the answer was clear. Campbell said,¬†“No Ash character currently.¬†Twitter fails when info gets fragmented. Last statement: ED remake is a re-telling. All bets are off & all involved love the new approach.”

Really? Still can’t believe it. Okay, so Campbell is the only one who can ever be Ash. I can live with that. I’d rather have Ash cut out then have the part miscast. Wouldn’t you? Plus a re-telling is a lot better than a remake/reboot. Not too thrilled about Diablo Cody writing the script though. Will there be a hamburger phone? Let’s hope not.

Evil Dead Sam Raimi Bruce Campbell

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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