There's something scary next to Daniel Radcliffe in this poster for The Woman in Black

Posted by: Zack Bruce

For the stars of the HARRY POTTER franchise, the biggest question is: Where will they go after Hogwarts? Each of them has continued to make films of the indie kind. When it comes to getting back into the mainstream, Daniel Radcliffe seems to be doing that rather quickly. It’s as if he never left. His next film, THE WOMAN IN BLACK has been getting a lot of attention due to its rather creepy trailer. It also looks like a horror film worth checking out which is a rarity since everything from the genre has been desperately lacking.

The creepiest thing about the trailer had to be this woman in black we never get a good look at. From what we do see, all you notice is sunken eyes and what appears to be a translucent face. In this new poster from the film, the face shows up again right next to Radcliffe. Still spooky.

The Woman in Black poster

Source: THR

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