These four new posters for The Muppets provoke happiness

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Soon we will get to see what Jason Segel did with THE MUPPETS. He showed a really love for puppeteering in FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL but taking on so many beloved characters cannot be an easy job. The overall response has been fair except for the recent gripe from Frank Oz. Oz, who voices Miss. Piggy did not want to reprise his role due to the fact that he did not like the script for the film. While he was not impolite about it, hearing someone like Oz disagree with the material makes one curious about how the film will really turn out.

Since the film is coming out on Thanksgiving, we’ve been seeing a lot more marketing hitting the internet. A trailer finally came out revealing the plot and now there is a new batch of posters. Isn’t Gonzo’s leotard great?

The Muppets poster

The Muppets poster

The Muppets poster

The Muppets poster

Source: Facebook

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