Thor 2 moves on with Chris Hemsworth but drops Kenneth Branagh

Posted by: Zack Bruce

THOR did suprisingly well at the box office despite speculation amongst fans. It turns out that the film really wasn’t that bad. On top of that, the script faired better than other superhero movies that I won’t name.

So it’s no surprise that Disney Marvel want to move forward quickly on THOR 2. Chris Hemsworth is on board to reprise his role, but one piece of the puzzle is going to be missing. Kenneth Branagh is not going to be helming the sequel. The decision was “mutual and amicable”. Branagh will stay on in some capacity, most likely as a producer.

The studio will be working furiously through the holiday to find someone to take Branagh’s place. THOR 2 is set to release in the summer of 2013.

Without Branagh, will the product be the same? When you take a look at the director’s career, he’s never made a sequel, so why start now?

Kenneth Branagh

Source: Deadline

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