Tina Fey and Jason Moore are looking to team up for The Nest

Tina Fey

Late last year, I mentioned that PITCH PERFECT was an underrated, little seen, charming comedy and then I was quickly corrected that a) it wasn’t underrated and was actually very well received and b) it did over $100 million at the box office, so it was actually seen by a lot of people.  So I guess what I meant is that it was underrated and little seen by people that typically wouldn’t enjoy a movie about a glee club.  But anyway, the point is that the film’s director, Jason Moore, is now in high demand and has another female-centric movie lined up called THE NEST, this time working with the great, but sometimes polarizing Tina Fey.

The film follows two sisters that return home after their parents notify them they’re selling the house.  The sisters decide to have a final weekend in the house, reminiscing about the home they grew up in.  Based off the short description of Paul Pella’s script, it’s  unclear if this will be a heartfelt, light comedy or if the sisters will go crazy and have a party, making it more of a raunchy, R-rated outing.  But one thing we can count on; casting Amy Poehler can’t be far behind.  Everyone still needs to sign on the dotted lines, so there’s no start date yet.  (Deadline)

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