Tina Fey and Meryl Streep to star in Mommy and Me for director Stanley Tucci

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Talk about a dynamic duo; Meryl Streep and Tina Fey have agreed to star in the upcoming comedy MOMMY AND ME, which will be directed by the underrated Stanley Tucci.  The details of the plot are still unknown, but Streep and Fey will play a mother-daughter duo and the film will be a comedy.  We all know Stanley Tucci the actor, but he’s directed a few movies as well, most recently in 2007 with BLIND DATE starring himself and Patricia Clarkson.  But this would by far and away mark the most high profile project he’s tackled.  Starring with Meryl Streep is one thing, but bossing her around on set is probably going to be a completely different ballgame for him.

Not all dynamic duos pan out to produce quality cinema, but the idea of Meryl Streep and Tina Fey together is definitely intriguing.  I also like them together with an accomplished actor like Stanley Tucci.  This is one to keep an eye on.

Tina Fey and Meryl Streep

Source: Variety

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