Todd Phillips making a John Belushi biopic

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Todd Phillips is known for hilarious comedies like THE HANGOVER and OLD SCHOOL, so it makes sense that the director would want to make a biopic of one of the most iconic comedians of the early 80’s…or does it?  I think most people will be thinking that way, but to me, it doesn’t make sense.  John Belushi is a fascinating character and was hilarious on Saturday Night Live and his handful of movies, but his life wasn’t exactly humorous.  He struggled with drugs, alcohol and a host of other vices that would make for a dramatic film.  Which is why Todd Phillips seems like an odd choice.

Steven Conrad (PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS) wrote the script and he hopes to do better than the 1989 film WIRED starring Michael Chiklis.  The trouble with making a Belushi biopic is getting the facts straight, which seems to be more difficult than you would imagine.  Getting the support of Belushi’s family and friends is essential if they have any hopes of getting this film right.  But of course, the real question is; who will star as Belushi?  I can’t think of an actor working today that has the right talent and age to play the iconic comedian, leading me to believe they’ll have to go with an unknown for the lead.

John Belushi in 1941

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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