Tom Cruise and Dan Fogelman teaming up to make a movie for Warner Brothers

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

In my continuing quest to remind the world that Tom Cruise is a great actor, even though he may or may not be crazy, I feel compelled to be excited any time TC signs on for another film.  I’m both excited and skeptical about his starring in ROCK OF AGES for Adam Shankman, I think OBLIVION would be a great move for him and the recent news about him teaming with Dan Fogelman has me very excited.  Fogelman is the current “it” screenwriter in Hollywood and is selling his scripts for big bucks.   So far, he’s written a few animated films (TANGLED, BOLT and CARS) and wrote this summer’s CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE.

Warner Brothers has just bought Fogelman’s latest pitch, which would features Tom Cruise as a disgraced politician that returns home to recover and confront his past.  Yeah, I think we’ve seen something like this before, but Cruise should be great in this type of role and it reminds me of JERRY MAGUIRE (one of his best).  The film doesn’t have a title yet and likely wouldn’t start filming for another year or so.

Tom Cruise

Source: Deadline

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