Tom Cruise and Paramount talk Our Name Is Adam

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise‘s public relations woes seem like distant memories these days as the actor is lining up big-time projects over the next several years.  With the hugely successful (and great) MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL, Tom Cruise has had directors and studios calling him like nothing ever happened.  He has JACK REACHER coming this Christmas, then the science-fiction film OBLIVION in early 2013, followed by ALL YOU NEED IS KILL in 2014, plus the in-development MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5, TOP GUN 2, VAN HELSING and the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN remake.  Now, you can add OUR NAME IS ADAM to the list of upcoming projects.

OUR NAME IS ADAM was written by T.S. Nowlin and not much is known other than it’s described as a BACK TO THE FUTURE-type film where an older Tom Cruise would go back and visit his younger self.  This started as just normal actor-movie talk with Tom Cruise barely mentioned as being attached to the project, but now it looks like Paramount is excited about it and they’re taking advantage of their first-look rights.  Early word says the project is going to be expensive, but Paramount is fully back on the Tom Cruise bandwagon and they’re expected to buy it and then put it on the fast track.  Of course, keep in mind that Tom Cruise still has those six movies in work, so it’s unclear where this would land on his plate.  I’m guessing if the money is right, it would be next up.

In somewhat related news, Paramount is going to be passing on that Kevin Costner NFL film DRAFT DAY.  They apparently feel that it’s impossible to get the film made in time for next year’s NFL draft.  That doesn’t mean they won’t make it, it just means they’re declining for now.  Whether or not it gets shopped to other studios depends on whether or not they keep it for next year or pass on it all together.  Maybe they’d think differently if Tom Cruise were starring.  (Deadline)

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