Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall do some spy work in new photo from Jack Reacher

There’s been a lot of talk from fans of the Jack Reacher series that Tom Cruise was an awful choice for the title character in the film JACK REACHER. Since this writer hasn’t read any of the books it’s tough for me to say one way or the other, but I do think that despite the possible bad casting due to physical appearance (Jack Reacher is said to be around six-foot tall and quite intimidating, not very Tom Cruise-like) Tom Cruise will shine in the film because he really is a great action star. I know there are many who disagree with me, but you really need look no further than his box office record. The man can pull in some serious dough for a film and I hope that audiences will give him a fair shot in this role.

JACK REACHER is mostly based on the novel “One Shot” and follows Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) who is investigating a case for a sniper friend of his who looks to have been framed for a crime he did not commit. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, JACK REACHER stars: Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall, David Oyelowo, Richard Jenkins, Rosamund Pike, Jai Courtney and Werner Herzog. JACK REACHER opens in theaters on December 21st, 2012. (Kinopoisk)

Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher

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