Tom Cruise and Tony Scott approached about a Top Gun sequel

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

The internet is abuzz today because reports have surfaced that screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie was asked to write a TOP GUN sequel.  It’s also said that director Tony Scott, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and star Tom Cruise have all been approached as well to be involved with the film in some capacity.  Although we haven’t heard anything about a TOP GUN sequel for a while, this is not the first time Paramount has tried to get one off the ground.  There were rumblings in the early 90’s that Cruise was all set to return for a sequel, taking over Tom Skerrit’s role in the first one as an instructor at Top Gun.  As you may remember, that was the setup at the end of the original film.

Of course, nothing has been signed yet and no one has committed to anything, but these things have a tendency to get fast tracked as soon as one party agrees to it.  Also, it should be noted that McQuarrie wrote VALKYRIE and it’s no secret that Cruise is a fan of his work.  As much as we all hate remakes and reboots, this one actually makes sense.  And that’s coming from someone that actually loves the original TOP GUN.  But aviation has changed so drastically over the past 25 years that it makes sense to revisit the Top Gun school and introduce a new generation to Naval aviators.  Besides, I’m sure the Navy could use the boost in recruiting.

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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