Tom Cruise and Doug Liman want Jack Nicholson for El Presidente

Tom Cruise

I guess things went well on the set of the Tom Cruise starring and Doug Liman directed EDGE OF TOMORROW.  The power duo are getting ready to reteam for the comedy EL PRESIDENTE, about a straight-laced Secret Service agent that’s assigned to protect “America’s worst former President”.  But when a threat is made against the ex-prez’s life, he and the Secret Service agent must go on the run.  Tom Cruise, of course, will play the straight-laced agent and if everything falls into place, Jack Nicholson will be playing the former President.  Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson formerly starred in A FEW GOOD MEN and their chemistry was pretty powerful, so it’s hard not to get excited for the possibility of them sharing a lot of screen time.  Of course, it’s best to control that excitement because according to THR, Cruise and Liman have made a “last ditch effort” to woo Nicholson and as of today, he still hasn’t committed.

If the project sounds familiar, it’s because EL PRESIDENTE has been around for quite a while.  Tom Cruise has been loosely attached and the goal of getting Nicholson to costar has been around for over three years.  At one point, Robert Downey Jr. was going to play the ex-President, but it looks like he’s officially out.  The big news is that Doug Liman is signed on to direct so now all we need is a costar and this should get going.

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