Tom Cruise looking to star in Oblivion for director Joseph Kosinski

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

The Joseph Kosinski scripted graphic novel “Oblivion” has been bouncing from studio to studio in hopes of finding a home with stipulations that Kosinski can live with.  Disney was in the lead for the longest time, but they insisted that the film be PG and Kosinski wasn’t having it.  So he took his story elsewhere and Universal looks set to pick it up.  However, they put a few rules of their own on the project and want it to be at least PG-13 and made for under $100 million.

That may sound like a lot, but consider the concept of the film; it takes place in a world where the earth’s surface has been destroyed by alien scavengers and the surviving humans live in clouds above the earth.  The story focuses on Jak, a drone repairman that finds a woman that crash landed in a pod and that discovery leads to a shocking chain of events.  So take that storyline and add in Tom Cruise’s salary and that $100 million is going to go by pretty fast.  Joseph Kosinski most recently directed TRON: LEGACY, so at least he has a familiarity with high concept ideas.  If everything works out (and Cruise signs on the dotted line), this film will be fast tracked and could start as early as this summer.

Tom Cruise

Source: Deadline

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