Tom Cruise may be chosen over Brad Pitt for Doug Liman's We Mortals Are

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I continue to be frustrated by various critics and members of the press hailing Tom Cruise’s career as being in near shambles after the disappointing KNIGHT AND DAY.  For those keeping track at home, that’s one movie Cruise has headlined in the last 25 years that hasn’t been a success.  One.  And yet as soon as the movie failed in its opening weekend, his career was apparently over.  But I digress.  The folks over at THR took some time to analyze how Cruise can manage to get movie roles despite a “near-death” career (hint: it’s because of his 25+ years of continued success).  But in the article, they revealed that Warner Bros. is in negotiations with the eccentric actor for the science fiction epic WE MORTALS ARE (which was called ALL YOU NEED IS KILL), which will be directed by Doug Liman.  The film has a “SOURCE CODE” vibe to it and is about a soldier that is killed during an alien invasion and then repeatedly resurrected to the day before he was killed.

You may remember that Liman was originally looking at Brad Pitt for the role (presumably the one Cruise is in negotiations for), but there’s no word on whether or not Pitt dropped out or is going to join the film alongside his INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE co-star.

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