Tom Cruise will be fine without Katie Holmes

Last Friday, entertainment gossip outlets were given a nice little present when Katie Holmes officially filed for divorce from her husband of six years, Tom Cruise.  As further information has started to come out, we now all assume it’s because of the growing weirdness/creepiness of the Church of Scientology.  This has also led to a rehashing and unearthing of all the conspiracy theories that surrounded Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in the first place.  For those that don’t know, it’s generally believed that Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology held “auditions” for the role of Tom Cruise’s wife and the likes of Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johannson were in the running before the role eventually went to Katie Holmes.  This article has a nice rundown of what supposedly went down, but my general take is that a) it’s not as weird as it initially seems and b) I don’t really care.  Let me point out that George Clooney and others make the women/men they date sign non-disclosure agreements and “contracts” in order to avoid negative press.  It sounds crazy, but when your every move is filmed, it makes sense that you would protect your greatest asset; your fame.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

What bothers me about this news is that as a longtime supporter of Tom Cruise, I fear that this crap with his personal life will once again overshadow his greatness as a movie star.  We finally got past Tom Cruise’s couch-jumping incident and after MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL, I thought we’d have a string of very successful films, like JACK REACHER, OBLIVION and ALL YOU NEED IS KILL, which are all set to hit theaters in the next 18 months. It was an exciting time to be a Tom Cruise fan.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

But here we are again, with the whole Scientology thing making Tom Cruise look like some kind of freak that worships aliens.  I don’t know anything about Scientology or how much Tom Cruise is really into it, other than what I read in the gossip columns, but what I do know is that everything surrounding it seems suspicious.  But when viewed from an outsider, every religion seems weird when you focus on the supernatural elements, so who are we to judge?  My general take on Tom Cruise is that he’s not gay or mean or even weird, he’s just probably kind of dumb.  And dumb people with millions of dollars have always been and always will be targets for people looking to make a quick buck.  The NBA and NFL are littered with superstar athletes that made millions in their career and now have nothing to show for it.  Hollywood isn’t much better, it’s just easier to make your money back as an aging actor than it is as an aging athlete.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

So what should Tom Cruise do now?  I say he should tell Scientology to back off and look for love on his own.  Tom Cruise doesn’t need a pod person for a wife that will blindly do what ever the Church of Scientology tells her to, he needs someone that knows how to be famous and will actually love him for who he is.  Which is why I say that on his 50th birthday, he should try to find a woman closer to his age and one that has already lived several years in the spotlight.  But whatever he does, he needs to cut the shenanigans and drama and just continue making good movies.  I don’t care who Tom Cruise marries or what his sexuality is, just don’t make me sit through another KNIGHT AND DAY.

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