Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts Together Again in Larry Crowne

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

No one can argue the individual star power and international appeal of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.  Heck, I’m of the belief that Tom Hanks might be the greatest actor of all time.  But the last time Tom and Julia were together on the big screen, it was less than desirable.  CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR was one of the most disappointing films of the past five years and never lived up to the potential of its two leading stars.  Apparently Tom and Julia are determined to give it a second try and have teamed up to star in LARRY CROWNE.  Crowne is a comedy about a man forced to reinvent himself during the second half of his life.  Hanks will also write, direct and produce, similar to what he did for THAT THING YOU DO.

For years, Tom Hanks has been circling an English remake of the Kurosawa classic IKIRU, about a man that decides to do something good in his life when he’s diagnosed with a terminal diseases.  At first glance, LARRY CROWNE seems to be along those same lines, but I wonder if this will prevent Tom from ever going back to IKIRU.  Either way, I’ll stand in line for any Tom Hanks movie.

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts

Source: Deadline

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