Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis to re-unite for Major Matt Mason

Posted by: Zack Bruce

The last time Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks worked together was on 2004’s mo-cap family film, THE POLAR EXPRESS. Now the two might team-up again for MAJOR MATT MASON.

The film would be based on the Mattel toy which was introduced to consumers in 1966. Mason was an astronaunt who lived and worked on the moon. Hanks played with the action figure as a kid and has been wanting to do a film about his favorite toy for some time now. There were initial talks of doing the project back in 2009, but it seems that prior commitments and scheduling may have gotten in the way.

Zemeckis would direct the screenplay from Hanks. The live-action family film will also receive the 3D treatment. Hanks’ love for space has been seen throughout his career with films like APOLLO 13 and FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON. It’s good to see that Zemeckis is returning to the world of live-action.

Tom Hanks

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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