Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton in new pictures from Warrior

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Tom Hardy isn’t quite there yet, but after starring in the upcoming THIS MEANS WAR and of course, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Tom Hardy will be a household name in no time at all.  He’s already established himself as a very talented actor and although WARRIOR has a strong THE FIGHTER vibe to it, his presence makes me want to see it.  In the film, Hardy plays a brother who gets trained by his estranged father (Nick Nolte) and eventually works his way up to face his older brother, played by ANIMAL KINGDOM star Joel Edgerton.  The film dives into the world of MMA fighting, which should be a nice twist on the fighting-movie angle.

Along with Hardy, Nolte and Edgerton, the film also stars Noah Emmerich, Jennifer Morrison and Kevin Dunn.  Gavin O’Connor is directing and he also directed the hockey film MIRACLE and the crime drama PRIDE AND GLORY.  It kind of sounds like WARRIOR is a mixture of both genres, so he should know what he’s doing.  The film will hit theaters on September 9th.

Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton in Warrior

Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte in Warrior

Source: ComingSoon (by way of Entertainment Weekly)

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