Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon are heading down The Long Red Road

Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon

If you weren’t enamored with Tom Hardy before THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, then I’m sure you were after seeing his performance as Bane.  But Tom Hardy has been giving great performances for a while now, most notably with films like Nicolas Winding Refn’s BRONSON, a small part in INCEPTION and the extremely underrated WARRIOR.  But after being the brightest spot in one of the biggest movies of the year and set to star in this fall’s LAWLESS, Tom Hardy should start to experience some of the A-list fame he’s been so deserving of for so long.  And he’s showing no signs of cooling, lining up some very impressive projects over the next few years, including MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and the long gestating Al Capone biopic.  But after Mad Max, it looks like Hardy will go back to his roots a little bit, bringing Brett C. Leonard’s play THE LONG RED ROAD to the big screen.

It just so happens that Tom Hardy starred in the stage version and in the movie, he’ll be reprising the role of Sam, a man drowning himself with alcohol to escape some of his past demons when a mysterious stranger visits the Indian reservation where Sam is staying.  Michael Shannon will be playing Sam’s older brother.  And yeah, I don’t think Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon look anything alike either, but that’s Hollywood for you.  Brett C. Leonard has been working hard to bring his play to the silver screen and although he’ll be writing the screenplay, there’s no definitive word on whether or not he’ll be directing.  It’s still considered an indie production right now, but as Tom Hardy’s star continues to skyrocket, these kind of movies become less and less difficult to get off the ground.  If done well, this could bring Tom Hardy some Oscar buzz. (Variety)

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