Tom Hardy is being eyed for a role in Without Remorse, Kevin Costner already confirmed

Tom Hardy and Kevin Costner

The very first Tom Clancy novel I read was WITHOUT REMORSE.  So my first foray into the world of Jack Ryan didn’t even include Jack Ryan and instead focused on John Kelly (Clark), a former Vietnam veteran and CIA operative that teams up with a druggie prostitute the bring down a crime ring.  I always pictured Mel Gibson in the lead role, but keep in mind I read the book almost 20 years ago.  With Paramount set on rebooting/retooling their Tom Clancy franchise, it only makes sense that they would go younger and probably ditch the Vietnam war bit.  If the studio gets their wish, Bane himself, Tom Hardy, will take on the role that Willem Defoe played in CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER and Liev Schreiber played in THE SUM OF ALL FEARS (both miscast in my opinion).  The book is a nice read, but it’s a pretty straightforward revenge tale, which should fit nicely in Tom Hardy’s wheelhouse.  He has the attitude and muscle to pull it off and if you ignore the age difference, I think Tom Hardy would knock this role out of the park.

But even though they don’t have a leading man set yet, that’s not going to stop them from casting other roles.  Kevin Costner has agreed to play William Harper in this film, as well as in Kenneth Branagh’s untitled Jack Ryan film.  Costner will add some continuity in the roles, perhaps taking a nod from Marvel as far as how characters can/should be combined if they choose to do so later on.  With the young Chris Pine set to play Jack Ryan in Branagh’s film and Tom Hardy possibly playing John Clark in WITHOUT REMORSE, Paramount could make a re-teaming of the THIS MEANS WAR duo.  Let’s hope they have better results with Tom Clancy’s universe. (Deadline)

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