Tom Hardy joins Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine in This Means War

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

With all the talk of how great INCEPTION is, I feel most of the actors involved have gotten their fair share of credit, with the exception of Tom Hardy, who gave a great and underrated performance as Eames.  Not that this is some grand proclamation, but I think it’s easy to say that Tom Hardy is going to be around for a while.  his next big role is going to be in the epic McG romantic comedy THIS MEANS WAR.  In a role originally thought to go to Sam Worthington, Hardy will star alongside Chris Pine as two best friends that fall for the same girl (Reese Witherspoon) and their ensuing battles for her threaten to destroy New York City.

I like the high concept of doing something different with a romantic comedy and McG has grown up a lot since his CHARLIE’S ANGELS days, but I’m not sure I see Hardy and Pine working well together.  I see it more than I see Worthington and Pine, but as much as I like Hardy, I think the role needs someone a little more likable.  Otherwise the audience will automatically gravitate towards Pine.  But we’ll see how the finished product turns out.

Tom Hardy

Source: Vulture

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