Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf and Gary Oldman in new images from Lawless

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen some new images from John Hillcoat’s upcoming film LAWLESS, but today we’re getting a few new looks that don’t reveal too much. Oh, except that it seems like Shia LaBeouf gets shot with what looks like a shotgun while Tom Hardy drags him to safety. That’s going to be tough to recover from. We also get a look at what appears to be a budding romance from Mia Wasikowska and Shia LaBeouf, but sadly no more photos of Jessica Chastain but at least we’re getting a good image of Gary Oldman which is swell.

Directed by John Hillcoat, LAWLESS follows three bootlegging brothers during the days of prohibition and how they tried to avoid trouble with the law and probably other competition. LAWLESS stars: Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, Jason Clarke, Dane DeHaan and Noah Taylor. It opens in theaters on August 29, 2012. (Empire)

Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf in Lawless

Shia LaBeouf and Mia Wasikowska in Lawless

Shia LaBeouf in Lawless

Gary Oldman in Lawless

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