Tom Hardy signs on for Steven Knight's Locke

Tom Hardy

There aren’t a whole lot of movies that try to shoot in real time, mainly because it’s hard enough to try and write an interesting, engaging 2 hour screenplay as it is without adding the extra constraint of having everything actually happen within a 2 hour block.  Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken tried it with NICK OF TIME back in 1995 to varying degrees of success.  TIMECODE, back in 2000 used real-time to tell four separate stories in four separate frames and there have been others throughout the years.  But what I’m trying to say is that real-time is tricky and difficult, but that’s not going to stop Tom Hardy as he’s just signed on to star in the real-time shot thriller LOCKE.

The film will be directed by Steven Knight, who previously wrote the screenplays for EASTERN PROMISES and DIRTY PRETTY THINGS and will follow a man (Tom Hardy) that receives a phone call which causes his life to get turned upside down.  It sounds interesting enough and with Tom Hardy in the lead role, it should be a good time.  The film will shoot at the end of February and I’m assuming the real-time aspect of the film should make filming pretty quick.  (ScreenDaily)

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