Tom Hiddleston is in full Loki mode on the set of The Avengers

Posted by: Zack Bruce

There has been a ton of leaked set photos and videos from THE AVENGERS. It’s nothing to fret over since the only thing we’re getting is the same heroes we’ve seen before in costume. These photos are another case of just that.

An insider got some pics of Tom Hiddleston on set in costume as Loki. For those of you who have seen THOR should be well aquatinted with that miraculous helmet. I’ve read some reviews where critics weren’t too impressed by Hiddleston. When it comes to my opinion, I say that he was easily my favorite character in the film.

In THE AVENGERS, Loki is still up to no good and really has it out for the heroes. The photos show Hiddleston as Loki walking about on set in Germany. Also note that it looks like he is holding a staff with the cosmic cube placed on it. Red Skull had it now it seems that Loki does. Talk about constantly getting something so powerful in the wrong hands.

Avengers set

Avengers set

Source: Comic Book Movie

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