Tom Hiddleston might replace Bradley Cooper in The Crow remake

Tom Hiddleston

I’ve been strongly opposed to THE CROW remake since it was first announced that Bradley Cooper (click the link to read an editorial I wrote two years ago)  was attached to take on the role of Eric Draven.  Then for a brief time, James McAvoy was circling the role and that seemed like an even worse idea.  But now it seems that Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, is actually in talks to star in THE CROW remake for director F. Javier Guitierrez.

So if we can get past how bad the idea of a remake of THE CROW is in the first place, then we can start trying to decide if the actor chosen to replace the late Brandon Lee is a good choice.  Of the names mentioned so far, Tom Hiddleston is probably the best choice.  He’s recognizable as Loki, but American audiences don’t know him too well outside of that role.  And he supposedly is passionate about J. Obarr’s original graphic novel and has even done preliminary makeup tests.  He’s an extremely talented actor and has experience in action movies, so it seems like an obvious match.  If Tom Hiddleston does sign on, then this should start filming this fall.

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