Tony Scott to helm a film about a drug carting submarine titled Narco Sub

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Tony Scott directs some fairly entertaining flicks mainly of the action/thriller variety. Most of his projects tend to draw many viewers to the box-office because of the simplicity and fair use of Denzel Washington. But do you think that Scott will be able to rope Washington into going on a drug smuggling submarine adventure? That’s right. A sub with drugs.

The film is titled NARCO SUB, no word on whether or not Scott will even approach Washington. It possible since the writer on this one is newcomer David Guggenheim, whose work you will be able to see in SAFE HOUSE which stars Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Or maybe he’ll go after Chris Pine for this one. There’s no indication on the exact plot but narco subs do exist and are semi-submersible crafts that South American drug cartels have used to smuggle cocaine into the U.S.

I’m sure it will be another safe money maker for Scott. Plus, there aren’t a lot of films that revolve around drug submarines. Actually, there aren’t any. Unless I’m having a memory lapse of some kind. Maybe that’s what The Beatles song “Yellow Submarine” is really about.

Tony Scott in Unstoppable

Source: Variety

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