Top Gun 2 most likely dead in the water, but Top Gun 3D will be back in theaters soon

TOP GUN 2 was one of those films that was on its way to production, but with the tragic events surrounding the late director Tony Scott, the film has officially fallen apart. It’s no surprise that Tom Cruise wouldn’t want to do another film without the guy who made it such a hit, but fear not TOP GUN lovers, you will get to see the original movie on the big screen again. Re-releasing TOP GUN 3D on the silver screen has been in the works for awhile, and though we thought it would happen this year, it looks like the film will more likely be making an appearance on IMAX screens this upcoming February. Right now the tentative plan is to run the film exclusively on IMAX screens for one week before a potentially wider release. Stay tuned for details.

Although it’s sad that Tony Scott won’t be able to do a sequel to one of his most popular films, he has still left a legacy for film fans. Check out our list of top ten movies from Tony Scott which showcases his talent. (NY Times)

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