Top Gun could be coming back to theaters in 3D

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Should we file this news under: Danger Zone? Depends on how you feel about 80s classics being converted to 3D.

During an International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, Legend3D CEO Rob Hummel introduced a scene from TOP GUN converted to 3D. It’s a scene you all know too well– the flight sequence with “Danger Zone” playing in the background. Legend3D has a partnership with Paramount, the studio that originally distributed the 1986 film.

The reason there has been no official announcement from the studio is that they want permission from director Tony Scott in order to go forward. If Scott gives his blessing then the conversion will roll out in early 2012.

Hummel says that he thinks several films would be great for 3D conversion but the studios have an issue with justifying the need. Wow, the studios have an issue with 3D conversion? Really? This I did not expect. The conversion of TOP GUN does not effect me because I won’t go see it. End of story.

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun

Source: THR

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